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Hi! I'm Hanna.


I show powerful, game-changing, female entrepreneurs how to become the person who has what it takes to reach all goals (faster).



Hard-hitting, high-level, strategic performance consulting that combines:

Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Fitness, and Solution Focussed Coaching with a major emphasis on upgrading your own idea of who you are, creating new habits, and following through on your plans.



Ambitious, driven, impactful, world-changing, hard-working, action-taking women who are  ready to show up to reach goals faster.


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Work With Me!

- the Ultimate 1:1 VIP, custom, live workshop,  hypnotherapy, coaching & consulting package, to meet your exact needs.



USE YOUR EXISTING KNOWLEDGE, EXPERTISE or EXPERIENCE to create a successful online business, so that you can have an additional source of income to easily afford your desired lifestyle.



The Ultimate VIP-Workshop


It will take us a day to get clarity (and an action plan) on how you can best move your online business forward. (Not 8 weeks of some online course, that may or may not be right for you.) 


One day. All in. Deep, meaningful, effective, and potentially life-changing. 

Hypnotherapy To remove any limiting beliefs or confidence issues.

NLP  To quickly reprogram your subconscious for success. 

Business Consulting To know exactly how to run your business online. We'll cover what you need tech-wise, as well as your online marketing strategies.

Goals  This type of goal will serve as your engine and a source of energy. It will give you clarity and power.

Identity & Future Self Anytime you are in pursuit of a new goal, you also need to become the person who has what it takes to reach that goal. 


Everything you need to get going and gain momentum quickly. 

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Get started with one of my courses

This is a private, live workshop, that you schedule at your own convenice. 

It's perfect for you if you:


  • Want to help people by teaching them what you know,
  • Create a new stream of income,
  • Work from anywhere you have internet, and
  • Quit your day job.
  • Get up and running QUICKLY


I'll take you through the entire Connect & Convert Course (normally a 12-week program), and work side by side with you as you identify your best offer, ideal client, niche, messaging, and marketing strategies. 

This workshop can be delivered over the course of 2 full days or 4 half days. Totally up to you. 

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Get my free e-book, Reach Goals Faster and get to work! 


C. Baio

When I think of Hanna, I think of a Spiritual Gangster. She's got the energy and the accountability factor of a boot camp instructor but has years of experience in spiritual endeavours that brings a real soft and caring side to her approach. At times, I think she wants me to succeed more than I do which really helps keep me motivated and on task. She rocks.

D. Bergman

I thought I signed up for business coaching, but what I got was so much more than that. I'm walking away from 12 weeks with Hanna a totally new person. I have more confidence, I feel happier and I have even lost weight.

M. Winberg

Working with Hanna has been the most transformational 24 weeks of my life. I'm 57 years old, on my third career, and I didn't want a coach who was half my age, nor someone who was just regurgitating what they had been taught, but never experienced. I found what I was looking for in Hanna. However, I think she did more work on my mindset and identity than I was aware of because I'm noticing that I now have her voice in my head telling me to get up and just get it done. :D

Get my free e-book, Reach Goals Faster and get to work!