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Become the version of you who has what it takes to reach your goals (faster).

Hi! I'm Hanna.


I show powerful, game-changing, female entrepreneurs how to become the person who has what it takes to reach all goals. 


Hard hitting, high-level, strategic high performance consulting that combines:

Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Fitness, and Solution Focussed Coaching with a major emphasis on upgrading your own idea of who you are, creating new habits, and following through on your plans.



Ambitious, driven, impactful, world-changing, hard-working, action-taking women who are ready to show up to reach goals faster.


Here's why I can help you: I've been digging around in people's minds for two decades. Mainly, I've been hypnotizing, and used a technique called Neuro Linguistic Programming, to help my clients get rid of all kinds of inner limitations. With the help of these tools, they can become the person who has what it takes to achieve goals.

In addition to Hypnotherapy and NLP, I also lean on various holistic approaches to total health, improved energy, increased productivity and other high performance tools, as well as my experience coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs.


Let’s get to it!



The Ultimate VIP-day!


Lately I’ve heard from SO MANY women who are saying: Hanna, it’s MY turn now. I can’t wait any longer I HAVE to give it a shot! 


And with “it” they mean their own business or a calling they have to make even MORE of a difference in the world. Regardless of how they phrase it, the common thread is, these women (much like you and me) want to live meaningful, rich and FULL lives, and can’t imagine slowing down or growing old. They feel strong, wise and SO ready for the next phase of life.


Many of their friends are talking about their future plans to RE-tire, but these women (MY women) are more into planning to RE-energize.  Much like us, they too want to be intentional with their time, and do their best to live WELL. 


Their frustration is that things always got in the way of their own dreams and goals. LIFE got in the way. Other things seemed more urgent. But that has now changed. I don’t know if it’s recent world events, but conversations changed. The NEED for the kind of wisdom and expertise my women have, is greater than it’s ever been. 


We no longer have patience for surface level drama and all the distractions thrown our way. The talk is about how to HELP others, and how to contribute to our communities. We want to make sure we will always have enough to share with others. Many remark on how we suddenly became the rocks to hold onto when nothing else seemed stable. 


It’s almost as if we’ve practiced for THIS time in our lives forever. (I have lost count on how many women I’ve heard say this lately.) 


Well. The time has come. This IS what you’ve been prepping for, for so long. It’s YOUR turn to step up and serve your people, to lead and show us the way. 



Until NOW, your life has been filled with all the things you had to do to get to HERE. This point. But you can feel on a cellular level, that the next phase of your life is about to begin. 


NOW you’re in a position where you CAN take back control of your own time. You CAN decide what you want to do and be. You are FREE to seek out new adventures, challenges, and opportunities. And most of all; you have all of the inner resources you need to be able to truly heal and help those who need you. 


OTHERS might be tempted to just kick back and relax or keep doing what they’re doing. They don’t feel they need (or want) the inevitable challenges that come with a new venture. More than anything they just want things to slow down. 


But you KNOW you have people to help, a legacy to create and SO MUCH more life to live on YOUR own terms, as your own boss, calling ALL the shots and creating the life YOU want to live - and that just happens to be an even more meaningful life. 


YOU are absolutely hell bent on making an impact in other peoples lives WHILE you are enjoying your own to the max. It’s not about compromising one or the other anymore. People like you are unwilling to stay complacent, there’s always more to learn, more to live and more to love. You don’t just want to exist, you want to make your mark on the world, THRIVE and have a ton of fun while you’re at it. 


(WHO wants to reach the end of life - and feel REGRET that you never took the chance??) 


I have a suggestion for you: 


USE YOUR EXISTING KNOWLEDGE, EXPERTISE or EXPERIENCE to create a successful online business, so that you can have an additional source of income to easily afford your desired lifestyle and free up a bunch of time, while (at the same time) allow you to reach exactly those clients or customers who would benefit to be reached by you. 


If I’ve pegged you right (you’re here, so I think I did) you don’t want to buy a 8-week course that’ll teach you things you never wanted to know, but you’re also acutely aware that you’re not yet at the stage where you can start delegating tasks, right?


  • Do you know exactly what you’re selling? Or how to promote it? 

  • Do you know who -specifically - you’d like to work for? How you’d like to deliver your product or service?

  • Are you clear on your own goals in life in general, and how they fit into your business goals? 

  • Do you know what type of person you’d have to develop into, in order to be successful and reach your goals? 

  • Have you identified your future self, so that you can be intentional about how you’re spending your time and can feel certain that you are taking steps and making decisions that will lead in the right direction? 

  • Have you met the BEST version of yourself yet? The one who has what it takes to do what needs to get done? 

  • Oh and what about the systems and tech that will make it all possible? Do you have a handle on those? 

  • Do you know how to break through the noise online to help people find you? 


It will take you and me a day to get clarity (and an action plan) on all of that. (Not 8 weeks of online self studies, that may or may not be the right fit for you.) 


One day. All in. BEYOND surface level, deep, meaningful, effective, potentially life changing. 


  • Hypnotherapy. (To remove any limiting beliefs or confidence issues.) 

  • NLP (To quickly reprogram your subconscious for success) 

  • Business Consulting. 

  • Goals. (That will serve as your engine and a source of energy.)

  • Clarity. 

  • Strategies. (That work for YOU, not a one size fits all.) 


Everything you need to get going and gain momentum quickly. 


(You can see the entire agenda for the day HERE.) 


This is what you’ve been looking for to sustainably, swiftly, and in alignment with your goals, reach YOUR next level in life. 


I too was made for this time in our lives, and it’s my absolute pleasure to be able to serve you in this way. 


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